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10 months ago | 7 notes
Got the new western set ;D took a lot of money to get ;_;
10 months ago | 3 notes
Starriders.tumblr.com is now Jorvik.co.vu!

you can still access the blog by typing in the old name, this is a new custom domain! x)

there might be an error for an hour or so, but if it’s still there let me know XD

10 months ago | 4 notes
aha slooowly waiting on south jorvik x3
i can’t wait to run around it too ;-; come on bridge, fix yourself xD
10 months ago | 4 notes
aha sorry, I’ve been neglecting blog ;_;”’ College is a pain xD. I will start to update it more often!
thank you for +100 followers <3 
11 months ago | 5 notes
My new pony! :)
11 months ago | 3 notes

Sorry for inactive blog x_x

I’ve been so focused on school and movies, I can’t really update here often! I will do my best whenever I get time :) Thanks guys <3 

11 months ago | 5 notes
Wanted to see what a new style would look like c:
- Grace Riverson
12 months ago | 3 notes
Update day is tomorrow! Hopefully something awesome happens!
- Grace Riverson
1 year ago | 1 note
Greetings from Sweden :)

Sort of x3. I am taking care of my friend’s account and wanted to meet some friends :’D

I went on the Swedish server today and met Melissa Seahall :D

She is Melanie Greenheart on the Swedish Server :)

- Grace Riverson

1 year ago | 1 note
Sorry for inactivity :)

I will be a little inactive here, college and all is coming soon :)

But some news!

I found some clues by Old King’s Road (fences by the bridge, and a more detailed road that is behind the blocked path), could it be an upcoming map update?

- Grace Riverson